Peak Performance Training (P4)

Switch off stress and turn on resilience.


“P4 is a brilliant yet simple tool that has changed the way I view and approach high pressure situations at work, as well as benefiting my family and my sporting endeavours.”

– Matt (Lawyer)


“P4 works. I have applied P4 both at work and in my sport and I’ve seen results. And I have discovered that it is more effective the more I repeat it. ”

– Andy (Executive Director)

“P4 provided me with practical tools I could put in practice immediately. This is different to any course I’ve been on before and I fully recommend it. ”

– James (Partner: Accounting & Consulting Firm)

“P4 has helped me take on new challenges with absolute confidence. I’ve been amazed at how dramatic and instant the results have been. I did P4 to help me in my work but it has helped me in every area of my life.”

– Jenny (Manager)

What is Peak Performance?

Boost your performance and reach your peak in today’s competitive and high-pressure world.

Designed by an expert in the psychology of health and happiness, Phil Parker, P4 combines the latest innovations in neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and neuroscience. Harnessing the revolutionary self-coaching strategies from the Lightning Process, P4 teaches you that the solution to the high-stress world is within yourself.

Burnout - Physical Emergency Response (PER)

A threat to many professionals is burnout due to the pressure they work and perform under on a daily basis. Peak Performance training investigates how the Physical Emergency Response, your body’s natural response to stress, can be detrimental to your performance, health and wellbeing. When triggered by any threat, including stress, the PER switches on the ‘flight-or-fight response’ part of your nervous system that manages stress and pumps powerful hormones into your bloodstream.

The PER is useful as it primes your body for action, fires up your muscles and changes your:

  • blood pressure

  • heart rate

  • breathing rate

  • blood sugar levels

But, this wonderful biological mechanism can get stuck and disrupt your:

  • digestion

  • immune system

  • clear thinking

  • sleep patterns

  • energy levels

These disruptions are symptoms of burnout. The more you have these symptoms, the more likely you are to have issues with performance that lead you into a vicious cycle.

Peak Performance training teaches you how to turn the PER function OFF. If you have had any of these symptoms in the last six months, then P4 will provide you with the tools to break this cycle and reclaim your old self.