Are You Stuck?

Chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic Pain? Fibromyalgia? CRPS?


Autoimmune issues?

Non-responsive issues?

Neurological disorders - Parkinsons?

And … ?


Re-Train Your Brain.

Re-Claim Your Body and Life.


Introducing the Lightning Process (LP)

The Lightning Process is a way to take back your life!

We used to see the brain as hardwired. But now we know the brain can quickly adapt and make changes.

The Lightning Process is a programme where you learn how to re-train your brain to positively influence your body. You will discover and practice the neuro-plasticity of brain and body, and you will make the positive life changes you want.

The programme involves preparation time, a 3-half day seminar and individual follow-up coaching sessions.

Use the natural neuroplasticity of your brain. Become expert at influencing your healing.

Learn the Lightning Process. Embrace new techniques, and learn a powerful, practical, quick process/tool, for better health and wellbeing.

LP Seminar dates

June 5 - 7, June 19-21, July 10-12
Every month, all year

June 12 - 14, June 26-28, July 17-19
Every month, all year

NELSON (Redwood Valley)
14-16 July

HAWKES BAY (Havelock North) Whenever needed

Each day is between 3-4 hours.
Groups are small (2-4) and personalised.

One-to-one courses and weekend courses available, as well as refresher courses and one-to-one follow-ups.

These dates don’t fit? Call me 027 2555 848

Coaching, Seminars & Training for Workplace, schools and students

NLP (Neural Linguistic Programming) has an interesting number of processes and interventions that help you make change quickly. Team building, conflict resolution, self-care, relationship and health issues are some of the topics covered.


I personally experienced the life-changing benefits of The Lightning Process for myself and my daughter.


My Vision

We were completely amazed at the healing and change we experienced with this training.

The power of the mind-body connection to create change in one's life is transformational. Seeing people get back their health and make the life changes they long for, is hugely satisfying.

My wish is to share this with as many 'stuck' people as possible. With the science of neuroplasticity, practical tools and strategies -  change is possible. 

Get in Touch

Talk to me about The Lightning Process, the practical tool that gave my daughter her life back.

Jenny Oliver
Licensed Practitioner

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027 2555 848


Success Stories


Sienna’s Story

Sienna developed symptoms like a virus including severe migraines, stomach cramps that would make her faint, and she could no longer walk so had to use a wheelchair.

Emma’s Story

When Emma came to Monarch Life to do The Lightning Process, she had Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CPRS) in her right leg. Emma couldn't run, hop, skip or balance on her leg. She found going up and down stairs very clumsy and difficult.

Ethan’s Story

Ethan started to get headaches daily, which got worse and worse. Following that he got a flu virus - things got so bad he ended up taking two months off school.