The Lightning Process

Chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic Pain? Fibromyalgia?


Autoimmune issues?

Non responsive issues?

The Lightning Process is a training,

where you learn and practice the neuro-plasticity of brain and body.

You will successfully embrace new techniques

for better health and wellbeing,

and take back your life!

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LP Training dates

WELLINGTON (Central) 20-22 February

AUCKLAND (Epsom) 13-15 March

NELSON and HAWKES BAY when requested.

One-to-one LP training available.

Contact Jenny for LP REFRESHER Courses and one-to-one LP follow-ups.

Each day is between 3-4 hours depending on number of participants.

The Hawkes Bay (Havelock North) venue is at my home - it is a beautiful, calming retreat-like setting- perfect for new beginnings.

 I personally experienced the life-changing benefits of The Lightning Process for myself and my daughter - we were so amazed at the healing and change we experienced. My wish is to share this with as many 'stuck' people as possible. With the wonder of neuroplasticity -  change is just a thought away. 

Jenny Oliver - Licensed Practitioner


“Re-train your brain and

take hold of your body and life.”


The Lightning Process

The Lightning Process is a training course which takes 3 half days and teaches us how we can influence our own healing using the findings of neuroplasticity. We used to think the brain was hardwired but now we know that the brain is able to change, and quickly too. The Lightning Process trains the brain to go in a positive, useful way and therefore influence our physiology.

Coaching, seminars and training

NLP  (Neural Linguistic Programming)  has  an intriguing number of processes and interventions that help you make change quickly. Team building, conflict resolution, self-care, relationship and health issues are some of the topics covered.



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