Need to move forward?

Chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic Pain? Fibromyalgia? CRPS?


Autoimmune issues?

Non-responsive issues?

Neurological disorders - Parkinsons?


Re-Train Your Brain.

Re-Claim Your Body and Life.


Introducing the Lightning Process (LP)

The Lightning Process is a way to take back your life!

We used to see the brain as hardwired. But now we know the brain can quickly adapt and make changes.

The Lightning Process is a programme where you learn how to re-train your brain to positively influence your body. You will discover and practice the neuro-plasticity of brain and body, and you will make the positive life changes you want. Become expert at influencing your own healing.

Learn the Lightning Process. Embrace new techniques, and learn a powerful, practical, quick process/tool, for better health and wellbeing.

LP Seminar dates

October 16-18
Every month, all year

October 30 - 1st November
Every month, all year

NELSON (Redwood Valley)
19-21 October

HAWKES BAY (Havelock North) 4-6 September, Anytime

PALMERSTON NORTH - Call me for dates

Each day is between 3-4 hours.
Groups are small (2-4) and personalised.

One-to-one courses and weekend courses available, as well as refresher courses and one-to-one follow-ups.

These dates don’t fit? Call me 027 2555 848


I personally experienced the life-changing benefits of The Lightning Process for myself and my daughter.


My Vision

We were completely amazed at the healing and change we experienced with this training.

The power of the mind-body connection to create change in one's life is transformational. Seeing people get back their health and make the life changes they long for, is hugely satisfying.

My wish is to share this with as many 'stuck' people as possible. With the science of neuroplasticity, practical tools and strategies -  change is possible. 

Get in Touch

Talk to me about The Lightning Process, the practical tool that gave my daughter her life back.

Jenny Oliver
ADVANCED Licensed Practitioner

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027 2555 848



Success Stories


Amelia’s Story

This is Amelia from Auckland. She is 11years old. Life before doing the Lightning Process with Monarch Life was one of anxiety, digestive issues and unable to stay at school or socialise.

This is her now..

Image 13-06-19 at 7.05 PM.jpg

And her Mum wrote:

“Cloud girl lay nestled in her damp grey thunder cloud in the moment before wake.

“Good morning darling,” cut through like a cool shard of glass, setting off tiny invisible speakers by the hundred. 

Tree Girl lay nestled warm in her blankets, light from a crack in the curtains gently lifted her lids. The warm smell of toast flowed into her lungs, “good morning mum” she called.

Cloud girl’s speakers pushed out words that clawed loudly in her ears. Descriptive words that pounded in her brain, dived down her throat and churned in her gut. 

Tree Girl sat up ran her fingers through her soft hair. She could hear sister call her nick name and giggled to herself as she remembered the fun they had the day before. 

“Come on honey . . . get up”, the weight of the speakers was too much, they hunched her shoulders and curled her body in tighter. Her heart anchored deeply in the cloud “leave me alone” she thought “ I want to sleep forever” she thought.

Tree Girls spine was the trunk of a tall, straight, and very strong apple tree. Her branches held big juicy red apples sometimes she’d have to pull the odd rotten apple off. The worst of the rotten apple slightly resembled old speakers. Tree girl used to be cloud girl before she was hit by lightning.

We tried so many things, gluten and dairy free diet, psychologists, councillors, mindfulness, motion sickness pills/bands to name a few. None of it worked until we tried The Lightning Process! My name is Antonia I am the mother of my beautiful, strong, tree girl. The Lightning Process is Tree Girls answer to life the way she chooses it. Like air, food, sleep and water The Lightning Process is something she does every day and every day is so much better for it. 

Thank you so much Jenny at Monarch Life, your gift is priceless.

Toni Soan

Emma’s Story


When Emma came to Monarch Life to do The Lightning Process, she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Emma is well and back working and off to Varsity soon.

Miriama’s Story

When Miriama came to The Lightning Process, she was barely moving with CRPS and not at school. In 3 days we were dancing a jig together and over the next 2 weeks she was dancing, doing gymnastic moves and running around the netball court.

Her Mum Jen said -

Image 25-07-19 at 3.31 PM.jpg

Dad Darren said - “My sis thank you so much for your support and for finding that beautiful lady who fixed our girl. Don’t know what else we could have done if we didn’t have her. Good to know we are there for each other you rock sis.”