“I had battled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and accompanying sleep problems for many years, but my life changed from day one of the LP training. It was like a miracle how quickly I noticed such positive changes. When I first read the book, An Introduction to the Lightning Process by Dr Phil Parker, it was like a light bulb went on and his explanations about how the brain operates and how powerful it is made so much sense; this was the start of my journey to recovery.

I cannot express in words how much of a different person that I am now as a result of doing this course. I have gone from a person who spent their life going between the bed and the couch, feeling so unwell, not being able to string a sentence together, terribly foggy mind, to a new me. I now have a clear mind and thought process, I can think, I can talk for hours. I feel so well and healthy, my body feels light and free with no aches, nothing is too much of an effort anymore, and I can plan in my diary something weeks in advance and know that I will be able to do it. I can go to bed at a regular time and fall asleep within ten minutes and sleep all night!

I wondered before the course how I would cope as I would normally have been in bed most of the day, but it was surprisingly easy to do so. It is hard to grasp how doing a three-day course can change someone’s life so miraculously, but it does! The training is fun, engaging, inspiring and most of all gives you hope for the life you want to live. Sarah is a brilliant teacher, I felt very safe, cared for, understood, but also challenged by her. I would highly, highly, highly recommend doing the Lightning Process training. I am so incredibly grateful to her for the role she played in my recovery. I have my life back, and I am a new person!

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Sarah!”