I took the Lightning Process training course after coming off my medication and relapsing into depression and anxiety. I couldn’t function or think properly, and everyday tasks were overwhelming. My life was unbearable.

“I heard about the Lightning Process training through a friend who had taken it to help with her anxiety. She said the LP had worked wonders for her and recommended I think about taking the training too.

Although I was unsure that the Lightning Process would work for me, I took the course anyway. It was fascinating yet easy to understand. I quickly learnt how much control and influence I truly had in my life and every situation. The tools are easy to learn, and I use them every day — without even thinking about it.

Although three days may seem brief, it works! It was inspiring to meet other people who suffered from mental and physical issues and to witness their mindset and health changes — in just three days.

I have my confidence, humour, self-esteem back and most importantly, I love myself again thanks to the Lightning Process. It's so good to be living the life I love!”