“I had struggled with low energy levels most of my life, after having glandular fever as a child. In 2012 I went through a particularly stressful period and came down with what I thought was a cold. Then I began feeling dizzy, nauseous, overwhelmingly weak, breathless and in constant joint and muscle pain. I waited for the illness to come to an end, but it was just the beginning. “Everything that I had known and found comfort in was pulled out from underneath me, and I had to stop studying, working and socialising. Consequently, I became isolated and depressed because I was twenty-three and bedridden. I lacked purpose and stimulation, I was lonely, and I couldn’t pour the jug with one hand, let alone dry my hair.

I read about the Lightning Process in 2012, but I thought it sounded too good to be true. I figured it was just a positive thinking seminar and believed that nobody who had gained health could have been as sick as myself. It was not until late 2015, in desperation, that I decided to find out more about the course. I remembered learning about neuroplasticity in Biopsychology and realised that the course was more science based than I had thought. I had wasted three years because of doubt.

It’s now been five months since completing the Lightning Process, and I am still amazed by the progress I have made. After four years of being unable to work, I am applying for jobs and going to interviews and looking forward to being financially independent again. To my surprise, I have joined the gym and just had my second personal training session this week. I couldn’t change my sheets or hang my washing before, and now I am on the treadmill, working towards my first 5km run and loving it. I am now able to make plans to see my friends, not texting them from under my bed covers saying I couldn’t make it — again. I feel motivated and excited about today and the future. Doing the course was the best decision I could have made.

I enjoyed the Lightning Process because the results were almost instant. By the first night, I had more energy. By the second night, I couldn’t recognise myself because of the energy and joy I had. By the third night, I felt as if a boulder had been removed from me and I was free to go on with new found strength and vitality. I loved how clear and easy to understand everything was. The small group was encouraging and supportive, and everyone was excited about their progress, and that of others.

The Lightning Process taught me so much about the enormous influence that I have on my health and well-being, about the incredible design of the brain and our ability to create change within it. I strongly recommend that you find out more about the Lightning Process today!”