“One day I was training in the hills of Tenerife for a marathon in Rotterdam, and the next day  — boom — my body just gave up. “That's not like me,” I thought. Months passed, and after numerous visits to my GP and the hospital for various tests, I was labelled as having ME and told I could have it for three months or the rest of my life.”

For nearly three years I searched for a cure to no avail. My body ached all the time. I could not focus, read, concentrate, hold any meaningful conversation, I avoided socialising, became a recluse. I felt like my life was over. I thought others were thinking I was just lazy, and it was all in my head. I felt like a burden and was desperate for my old life back.

It was my brother who pointed me in the direction of the Lightning Process training course. After reading the Phil Parker Lightning Process book and answering some questions with a practitioner, I booked into a course.

I cannot describe my happiness in words as it would do it no justice. The course was fantastic, and by lunchtime, on the first day, I knew I had discovered something phenomenal.”