“I first noticed the pain when I resumed my regular walk home from work after a break of a couple of weeks following minor surgery. Over the course of a few months, what was just a slight strain progressed into significant pain. Finally, I was diagnosed with chronic pain.

My GP referred me to a physiotherapist, then various sports medicine therapists and professionals and finally to a couple of Orthopaedic Surgeons in an attempt to identify and treat the source of the pain. As each observed my high level of fitness, healthy weight and lifestyle and told me how flexible I was, almost all said my condition would resolve itself with time. It didn’t. My doctor then drew up a list of alternative health practitioners and sports and exercise clinicians, and I worked my way through it, spending several months with each attempting to ‘fix’ my pain issue. Between August 2009 and May 2013 I visited 24 different practitioners, specialists and doctors, many on a weekly basis and only ever gained temporary relief.

While I always remained determined to continue life as normal, a standing station became necessary at work, together with two or three visits a week at a specialist gym supervised by an exercise physiologist. Anti-inflammatories were prescribed for pain relief when activities involved travel or sitting for more than 30 minutes. Hot water bottles, belts, rollers, balls and a Tens machine all helped in a limited way. I pursued relief as relentlessly as pain pursued me until finally, I resolved to just live with pain as best I could. I read various self-help books, went at least twice weekly to the gym, continued the acupuncturist treatment and to walk and work because the last two activities distracted me. I became time poor trying to fit everything in. I was continuously tired, emotional, stressed and frustrated while valiantly attempting not to let pain intrude on my life.

Fast forward to November 2014 and out of the blue, a colleague sent me an email about the Lightning Process and a link to the Monarch Life website. Sarah and I talked by phone, and I grabbed a space on the next available course, read the book and took leave from work.

And then I changed my life. For me, the process took the days of the course and lots of hard work in the weeks following to cement into place. It wasn’t quite like lightning for me, as it is for some — it’s more of a process of change. Sarah was instrumental in setting the process in motion and expertly facilitated the course. Under Sarah’s empathetic guide it was evident each participant made progress during the course. Sarah’s enthusiasm is infectious, not once during the course did I have any doubt about making the Lightning Process work for me. Her understanding, warmth and happy disposition ensure that every course member gets the best opportunity to respond to the course. While you are part of a group, Sarah doesn’t lose sight of the individual. She has a natural affinity for people and is clearly in tune with the hopes and aspirations of participants having been there herself. She will always hold a special place in my life as she coached me towards a changed life, one that had eluded me for years, a life where comfort, calm, energy and contentment renewed my confidence to live the life I love.

Now, months down the track, I continue to employ the lightning process. Whenever I get back into the old groove, I know how to get back on track. I have applied the process to so many aspects of my life, but when your kids notice the difference and tell you about it, that’s the greatest reward. I wholeheartedly endorse Sarah Field as a Lightning Process facilitator, humanitarian and champion for change. Her support and advice in the weeks following the course ensured my commitment and therefore success. I will endeavour to be an ambassador for Sarah and the Lightning Process because without completing the course I’d still be suffering in a less than full life.”