“Once, to have had six hours of sleep in a night would have been a great achievement. I would never have admitted to being one, although after 19 years of awakening almost every night for generally 3 hours I was almost certainly an insomniac. I thought that being able to fall asleep within five minutes any hour after 10am to be a gift. I felt exhausted all of the time and felt like a cruel burden was robbing me in every area of my life. I remember thinking when being too exhausted to go fishing with our son one Sunday afternoon (and knowing that these are the moments for which you long to have a son for), that I could begin to understand the term R.I.P.

I have always felt I was a blessed man, having married a girl well beyond any of my dreams and having been friends with our children all of their lives, even through their teenage years. But the continued state of exhaustion and the foggy brained existence allowed for many a frustration. For those of you like this, you understand how mocking it all seems. I had read books, been to a sleep clinic, and fasted, but to no avail. I was desperate.

When I heard that a friends’ daughter who too was suffering from sleep deprivation had made positive changes from doing a course in Wellington, I tried to enrol in the very next course! First I read “The Introduction to the Lightning Process”. The book is amazing, and it seemed to answer and summarise so many of things we ponder in life. I couldn’t wait to do the training.

The three days of LP training were superb. You will certainly leave feeling empowered and capable of making a change. When you do things that transform your life and especially when it benefits those whom you love, it gives you a perspective of balance and purpose.

The days and weeks that follow the course are HUGE. Your focus is on positive change and positive change it is! I noticed the bloodshot eyes of many a year — gone! The black bags under my eyes — disappearing! The weight — gone! Prescription sleeping drugs — no, thank you! My blood pressure is down, and I sleep incredibly. But, best of all a calmness that meant I was able to be still and absorb the beauty in surroundings and others. And to have the same clarity of mind of so long ago.

Do I recommend the Lightning Process? Absolutely!”