“Where do I start? Last year, I was struggling to get my head around being a first-year teacher and, of course, all the stress that comes with that. My anxiety got the better of me.

Since taking LP, I am leading a much happier life. Even with just the small things, like keeping my head up as I walk — I never realised how much this affected my thoughts and feelings. I am making time to do Yoga in the mornings, weight classes at the gym in the afternoons and even attending Maori night classes every Tuesday and Thursday evening. I have offered to do more to help out at school, and I feel that I am handling stressful situations a lot better. I feel I have a much clearer head to think things through. I do not have to use the Lightning Process as often anymore, which is great, but I know I have it if I get stuck.

I feel really proud of what I have accomplished. Doing the Lightning Process training is something that I will never regret and for which I will always be thankful.”

Ryan WesselsAnxiety, Panic