“My daughter decided to do the Lightning Process training course, and after just the first day she rang me to say how much this course would benefit me. I knew I needed a way of getting myself out of depression and a way to change negatives into positives. With this in mind and the benefits I saw first hand for my daughter, I knew I had to attend the LP training course seeking the best outcome.

I applied all the skills and techniques and continued to use them every day, for two to three weeks, until they came naturally. Interestingly, after I finished the three-day course and for the first week, I felt a sensation on the right side of my brain – almost as if I was retraining a muscle – which I suppose I was.

I am so pleased to have completed the LP training and found a way to help myself with any situation that may arise. Just when you think you’ve got ‘things’ sorted something else comes along that brings in the old reactions that you think aren’t there anymore. By using the training beforehand or at the time of the new situation, you have a great system to help redirect your thinking.