“I suffered from chronic fatigue, chronic pain, terrible IBS, migraines, major depressive disorder, anxiety, asthma, endometriosis, RSI, breathing pattern disorder, persistent infections, and a severe lactose allergy that had plagued me since birth. I started and ended each day with a mix of different medications to get me through the day. I never thought it would ever get better.

Today, as I write this, three months after taking the Lightning Process training course, I am doing much much better. My chronic pain, IBS, migraines, anxiety, and RSI are things of the past. I no longer need an inhaler — for the first time since I was 7-years old! My chronic fatigue and depression are 80% better and improving each day. I’ve ditched my crutches, got a schedule, a gym membership, go for walks almost every day, and have achieved so many goals already. I am about to start my teaching career and am furthering my education in postgraduate studies. I honestly would never have believed the progress I’ve made would be possible.

The Lightning Process has completely changed my life and given me hope for my future. For the first time in my life, I have been able to enjoy ice-cream!”