“When I came across the Lighting Process, I was desperate and tired of feeling hopeless. I had my doubts that this new and seemingly weird program would achieve any better results than the multitude of things we had already tried, but after reading the other success stories and devouring the introduction book, hope began to creep its way back in again.

Nineteen months before this I had my first baby! Unfortunately, the birth did not go well, and I got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which leads to chronic insomnia. Night after night it would take hours and hours to get to sleep. The dawn chorus became a mocking alarm that poked fun at the fact that I hadn’t had any sleep that night and everyone else was waking up refreshed that morning.

So I ventured to the Lighting Process, put in my best effort and worked hard to take everything on board. Oh boy, did it pay off! I remember it so clearly, the first Saturday night after I got back from the course I had the best naturally deep sleep I’d had since my son had been born. It hadn’t taken hours to get to sleep! I slept deeply, and woke up with energy! I was overwhelmed with joy and hope and peace!

Since then everything has been on the up! I love going to bed now when I used to dread it! I have dealt with my PTSD, and I am not a slave to insomnia anymore. I feel free! The Lighting Process not only gave me the tools to deal with my insomnia, but it has given me an incredible understanding of how the brain works, why certain things in the body happen and most of all, a tremendous sense of awe at the amazing way God has designed us human beings. It has transformed my outlook on life, and I feel blessed that I can apply these principles to my parenting. I can’t wait for the future!”