Introducing Sarah Field

The Lightning Process changed my life, so I’m excited to be able to share it with you. Every day I’m living the life I love, and, as a trainer, I now have the joy of seeing other people live the lives they want and love. But it hasn’t always been this way.


Sarah's story

After a run of bad health, I ended up with a case of glandular fever. It got the better of me and so began a downward spiral into poor health, ending up in a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

I battled for six long years. It’s amazing to me now that I had given my health so little consideration before CFS — but now it was all-consuming. I tried supplements, treatments, diet plans, medications, rest plans, anything with a glimmer of hope. The small respite from CFS I found never lasted long, and I would quickly find myself back at square one.

Then, one day, a young woman at church mentioned the Lightning Process to me, and that is where it all started — the beginning of a new and healthy life. I contacted a Lightning Process trainer in 2012, read the book, An Introduction to the Lightning Process, and applied for a place on a Lightning Process course.

The power of the mind-body connection to create change in one's life is transformational. It has been so inspirational in my life that I trained with the Phil Parker Training Institute in London so I could begin running Lightning Process training courses right here in New Zealand.

I also offer Peak Performance seminars for people wanting to excel in any area of life. From the hectic corporate world to the sporting arena, the skills and techniques I teach in Peak Performance will help you end — or avoid — burnout and boost your motivation, confidence and energy.

Seeing people get back their health and make the life changes they long for is hugely satisfying.

I would love for you to be the next success story!


As well as being an accomplished trainer and coach, conference speaker, mentor and team builder, I have the expertise and qualifications to lead you through the Lightning Process and Peak Performance training courses.

  • Advanced Lightning Process Practitioner

  • Accredited Peak Performance Trainer

  • Diploma in Nursing

  • Clinical Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching

  • Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Member of NZ Pain Society

  • Director, Monarch Life


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Sarah!
— Trudi, sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome and insomnia
I can never say it enough, but I am SO thankful for you Sarah. This whole journey has completely changed my life and has given me hope for my future. I didn’t see a future, but now I do. So thank you.
— Emma, sufferer of CFS, depression, migraines, IBS, anxiety, endometriosis, RSI, asthma and lactose intolerance
I loved how clear and easy to understand Sarah’s teaching was, with a lot of summarizing after learning new concepts, which helped to absorb and understand the information. Sarah created a very safe environment where I felt very comfortable.
— Scarlett, sufferer of CFS, depression
Sarah is an amazing person, and one of those people in life you feel very privileged to have met. I’m grateful to Sarah as a genuinely gifted practitioner for her support and belief.
— Nigel, sufferer of insomnia, hypertension, exhaustion
Sarah is the best! I can’t imagine anyone better suited to this job as a trainer. She is fully supportive, kind, wise, funny, professional and always there for you during and after the course.
— Pamela, sufferer of anxiety, depression, insomnia
. . . Sarah is an amazing facilitator and coach. Her facilitation during the course is so encouraging and the coaching sessions that continue after the training are very helpful. Thank you so much, Sarah — and my family thanks you too.
— Jacqui, sufferer of depression, low quality of life