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Jenny Oliver

The Lightning Process changed my life in more ways than one, so I’m excited to be able to share it with you. Every day I’m living the life I love. As a practitioner, I will have the joy of seeing other people live the lives they want and love. 


Jenny's story

My daughter Evangeline was a happy, busy, normal teenager, until the day we heard, "I feel a tired I've never ever felt before". Yes it was Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. What followed, was a steady decline in overall health - she developed fibromyalgia and the dizzying feeling of POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). As parents we researched and tried everything to bring our daughter back UNTIL a friend of a friend sent a text message - "Have they tried the Lightning Process! Here's the link'.  What a gift that text was and  that is where it all started —we now had HOPE . We  contacted Sarah of Monarch Life  and so began a new and healthy life for Evangeline.

I have also completed the Lightning Process training. I was stuck in a grief/guilty loop and the Lightning Process gave me the tools to practise, to STOP that right in it's tracks. I have applied the LP to other issues that pop up in my life too. Feel free to contact me to see how that might work for you.

I was Evangeline's support person on her course and I was so incredibly moved by the inspiration  of 7 people's lives that weekend, that I decided to leave 30 years of primary and secondary teaching and train in NLP coaching and the Lightning Process with the Phil Parker Training Institute in London . I now have the privilege of sharing Monarch Life with you as this is a message worth sharing.

I also offer NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) seminars/workshops for schools and businesses wanting extra skills, ideas and motivation to enhance their team. The intriguing skills and techniques of  NLP help to avoid burnout and boost motivation, confidence and energy.

The power of the mind-body connection to create change in one's life is transformational. Seeing people get back their health and make the life changes they long for is hugely satisfying.

I would love for you to be the next success story!


As well as being an accomplished coach, conference speaker, teacher, mentor and team builder, I have the expertise and, in October, will lead you through the Lightning Process training courses. 

  • Clinical Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching 

  • Advanced Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming

  • Director, Monarch Life
  • Bachelor of Education, Diploma in Teaching
  • Previously a teacher of  Drama, Special Needs students at Primary and Secondary levels
  • Creator of Spring - Music , Movement and Mind, from newborns upwards


Sarah (previous  Director of Monarch Life) and I have included testimonials from Sarah's courses. This is to give you an idea of the changes that people have made by completing the training. The content and format of the 3-day course is the same for every Lightning Process training course.

Many thanks Jenny for my wonderful session, you did a fabulous job. I’ve been feeling great since it, can feel a big shift in my sense of self and my thinking. I really appreciated it.
- CC

I attended the Lightning Process training with Sarah in December 2017. I wanted to take the training because I was physically and mentally burnt out. Exercise, my once saving grace, was no longer helping me chill out from the pressures of work and life. In fact, it was making it worse. My ‘can do’ attitude had absolutely flat lined. I needed a drastic change, so I decided to do the training and I went in determined to see progress.

I have seen some pretty big changes. Physically, I can now sustain long hikes, mountain bike rides and the occasional run without feeling like I am going to faint or be absolutely whacked for days on end. Mentally, I am also a lot stronger - I keep my mind in check. The Lightning Process helped me be more conscious of my negative, downward spiral thoughts and taught me a technique to change them whenever they come up.

I really enjoyed the training because the concepts were easy to understand and I experienced physical and mental improvements after the first day. It was awesome. I am still seeing improvements now because I am determined to see continual results. The training has really given me a renewed lease on life. I now see challenge as a positive thing, not something to be avoided.

- Jeff, sufferer of Burn Out
I can never say it enough, but I am SO thankful for you Sarah. This whole journey has completely changed my life and has given me hope for my future. I didn’t see a future, but now I do. So thank you.
— Emma, sufferer of CFS, depression, migraines, IBS, anxiety, endometriosis, RSI, asthma and lactose intolerance
I loved how clear and easy to understand Sarah’s teaching was, with a lot of summarizing after learning new concepts, which helped to absorb and understand the information. Sarah created a very safe environment where I felt very comfortable.
— Scarlett, sufferer of CFS, depression
I just wanted to pass on the following feedback – Anne and Jenny were absolutely wonderful. Really hands-on in their approach and trying to gather as much info as possible. I thought the techniques they gave to me were really useful and I really appreciate of the way they helped me to access feelings of confidence when it comes to public speaking. Hugely forever grateful to them and please pass on my thanks again!
— Laura - NLP coaching for confidence when public speaking
I enrolled for the lightning process as I was experiencing physical pain and tightening up of joints that could not be explained medically. Over the last few years I was seeing either a chiropractor or physio approximately every 2 to 3 weeks and could not figure out a way to improve my situation. I felt demoralised and at times overwhelmed not knowing how to manage the situation even though I am an experienced health professional myself. I was also duing poor sleep and other areas of my life felt out of control as well.

The main positive changes I have experienced since the lightning process training are; having some control over my life again, having a tool that I can apply in many different situations whether that be duing physical discomfort, poor sleep, low energy, motivation or stress. Physically I am much more comfortable since the training and although I Du discomfort at times I am actually physically able to do much more than prior to the lightning process training. For example I running again up to half an hour twice a week which I haven’t been able to do for years, and I have been swimming regularly over the summer again which I hadn’t been able to do without causing discomfort. As a result I have become fitter and stronger physically than I have been for many years. The lightening process is also helping me eat in a more healthy way, (I tended to overeat). As a consequence of eating better & being stronger and more comfortable physically I have lost 6kg which feels really good!

I was absolutely fascinated and enthralled by the training programme and also the integration of different methods to bring about change (could have easily had another 3 days). The material presented was well researched and thought through and Sarah facilitated extremely well, very empowering.
— Willem