Change is just a thought away


Grow in wellness and health again

with the 3 day

Lightning Process


Course dates

  • HAWKES BAY  -  15,16,17   October 2018 
  • WELLINGTON - 29,30, 31 October 2018 
  • NELSON              - 14,15,16  December 2018 

All dates to be confirmed.


Hello, I'm Jenny Oliver. I recently purchased the very special Monarch Life from Sarah Field. I appreciate Sarah's belief in me to carry on the journey of  Monarch Life with the Lightning Process. You may notice a few transitions as we make the change over.


Like Sarah, I personally experienced the life-changing benefits of The Lightning Process for myself and my daughter - so amazed at the healing and change we experienced. I have begun helping others discover that, with the wonder of neuroplasticity -  change is just a thought away.



“Hack your brain and take control of your body and your life.”


The Lightning Process

The Lightning Process (LP) training 3 day course teaches you about the science that links your mind and body. Develop the skills to influence your mental and physical health so you can take back your life.                                                                        

Coaching, seminars and training

NLP  (Neural Linguistic Programming)  has  an intriguing number of processes and interventions that help you make change quickly. Team building, conflict resolution, relationship and health issues are some of the topics covered.




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